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Vaaro-Hesk- Grazerite Anaesthesiologist


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Ensign, Medical Department

AnaesthesiologistWhen the Anaesthesiologist is providing assistance during a Medicine Task, they do not count against any limit on the number of characters that may assist.



Hesk's appearance is altogether typical of a Grazerite male: he's heavily-built but not unusually so, has a pronounced, deeply furrowed brow and a bovine snout, and layer of fine, downy hazel-coloured fur covering his hide-thick skin that matches his eyes. In contrast to most of his people however Hesk prefers to keep the slightly curved horns that would normally crown his skull filled very low; so low in fact that at a distance or with only a cursory glance it would seem he didn't have them at all. He styles his hair into something of a mohawk that fans out closer to the back of his head. Hesk generally prefers semi-casual clothing when not in uniform.


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 143 lbs



Vaaro-Hesk exhibits many of the traits the wider galaxy has come to expect of Grazerites. He is placidly confident and possesses high self-esteem, having grown up emotionally secure and certain of the benign nature of the universe. Being thoughtful and contemplative by nature, Hesk rarely if ever makes snap decisions. He is hard to anger and seldom shows said anger openly even if he is furious. Extremely patient and highly resistant to boredom, Hesk excels at tasks requiring a long attention span and close attention to detail.


Hesk is a straightforward, uncomplicated person with a moderate temperament and highly defined sense of morality. He was brought up by his Upsol to live honestly and openly, and to be good to others - he has lived by these simple truths ever since. This invariably consists of him helping others and doing good without the expectation of reward. Being comfortable with open plans and plain talking, Hesk disapproves of underhanded tactics, lying, and subterfuge. He’s not necessarily naive or foolish - just solid and reliable, and as good as his world. This is not to say Hesk is a dogmatist or otherwise insistent that others live as he does, but he does carefully evaluate his actions to make sure they align with his beliefs.


This public-spiritedness, as well as an acute feeling for the pain of those around him, has driven Hesk to alleviate suffering - whatever the cause - wherever it can be found. From something as small as a graze on a child’s knee to the starvation of a drought-ridden planet, he dedicates himself to helping as many people as he can, however he can, and easing the discomfort of others. Charitable and compassionate to a fault, Hesk’s own happiness is secondary to that of others; so complete is his altruism that he gives freely of his time, belongings and whatever else it takes to raise others spirits. While he would never do anything that might bring harm to others (unless doing so would protect others or it could not be avoided), Hesk can become obsessed with his cause to the point of endangering himself. This tendency to place the needs and safety of others above his own has cause Hesk no small amount of trouble in the past. Even still, Hesk tries to stay cheerful and stop worrying as much for his sake as that of others. He has a seemingly bottomless reserve of cheer and refuses to believe in the worst-case scenario, sometimes to the point of antagonizing more pragmatic acquaintances. There’s a glimmer of hope in even the darkest of nights he reasons, and while he’ll encounter difficulties from time to time there’s no sense in worrying himself to death in advance.


However as Grazerites are such a communal species, there can be instances within an Upsol of individuals who prefer to defer personal decision-making to a wider social unit. Hesk is one of these individuals (though not to the degree of herd mentality or deindividuation), finding security in the decisions of others and taking another’s lead in most situations. Taking charge is just not in Hesk’s nature, and while he works incredibly well with others when trying to reach a common goal he finds it both difficult and distasteful to go against the flow and rebel.



- Vaaro-Hesk was born on March 11th, 2350 on the Federation colony of Casmus III. Located in the Beta Quadrant along the Federation-Gorn border, Casmus III is a rugged frontier world of montane savannas and expansive steppes well suited for rangeland; after the Dilithium mines ran dry in the 2290's ranching and agriculture became mainstays of the planetary economy, and the planet has, to a large extent, managed to avoid large-scale urbanization (even with a population of a little over 20 million). "A simple and peaceful life can often be the most rewarding" is a common mantra among Casmus III's hardy and determined citizens, informing much of their day to day lives even should they leave their home and venture out into the stars.


- Hesk grew up amongst homesteaders, his Upsol (a conglomeration of Grazerites who work, relax, eat, and ruminate together and are often related by blood) of about 300 owning and operating a holistic farm in a strath a few miles north of Casmus III's equator. While predominantly focused on agrarian production to meet the Upsol's needs, the Vaaro Homestead did maintain several score heads of livestock; Hesk and his immediate family tended to these animals, working as wranglers and drovers. The work was hard but certainly rewarding, and Hesk has carried a deep love of animals ever since childhood because of it. Yet even as a child Hesk yearned to see and experience all that the universe had, roaming the sea of stars as part of the Federation Merchant Marine or on an independent freighter.


- Starfleet entered the equation on the advice of a few close friends, who felt that Hesk had what it took to make it in the service. Finding such a notion to his liking and wanting to make his friends happy, Hesk turned his focus towards enrolling at the Academy. Ruminating on his options therein became a simple process of elimination for the young Grazerite; he abhorred violence on principle and had never been particularly technically inclined so Operations was out, and taking charge just wasn't in his nature so Command was a no-go. The life sciences had always been one of Hesk's interests in school, but he needed something more practical and applicable than the Science Division on its own could give him. That left him Starfleet Medical, a decision that agreed with both his strengths as well as his personal convictions. Hesk applied shortly after this decision, and after some additional testing was enrolled at the Starfleet Medical Academy for 2367. 


- Hesk's first assignment after graduating from Starfleet Medical is aboard the U.S.S Nightingale(NCC-60805), a Nebula-Class hospital ship under the command of Captain Nandi Jadeja. The Nightingale is a Crisis & Emergency Response vessel, serving as first responders and providing medical aid and crisis management wherever they are needed. Hesk's duties as an Anaesthesiologist are chiefly supportive in nature; beyond ensuring that patients do not suffer during the course of their treatments, he would also be responsible for monitoring patients vital signs and making adjustments to medications during the proceedings. This allows the surgeons and physicians to focus on the task at hand.




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So I do plan on expanding a bit more on his backstory and the like, but for now the essential stuff(sheet, image, and initial deployment) have been taken care of and Hesk should be ready for review.


It also occurs to me, but is there a link to your Discord available?


EDIT: Realized that he should have a Phaser Type-1 rather than Type-2, so that's been fixed. Also logged a Medkit(standard issue for Medical Personnel) in his Other Equipment section.

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