England Expects That Every Man (or boy) Will Do His Duty ....

I have recently inherited a game that is set in England and on the High Seas during the era of the Napoleonic Wars. The characters are all young men and boys who will be joining the crew of HMS Rose, a sixth rate frigate in His Majesty's Royal Navy. The system is a house-rule-ified version of
It says GURPS at the moment, but that's because the old GM started it that way, and I converted it to a system I understood well enough to run
7th Sea, and we've only just gotten started. I'm looking for 1 to 3 more boys to round out the crew and add some steam to the current posting rate (which has slowed ridiculously since the site shutdown and upgrade).

Here's the text of the opening thread:The year is 1803 and Britain and France are at an uneasy peace. Word has passed throughout London, though, that war is again looming on the horizon. The shipyards at Woolwich and Deptford swarm with workers, and ships are being repaired, refitted, and turned out like there is no tomorrow. Bills have been posted in the taverns and criers have been making it known that the latest launch, HMS Rose, Captain Sawyer, is taking on crew, and those interested should seek out one Mr. Smythe at the
Deptford docks; most especially, the ship is in need of boys ....

docks are crowded this morning, as they usually are. Hundreds of vessels of all sorts pack the Thames beyond the docks, and
ships are lined up along the shore so tightly that the bowsprit of each nearly scrapes the stern of the one in front of her. Smaller boats bob between them, moored to whatever they can find to wrap a line around. Men rush here and there, jostling into one another, swearing, whistling ... and glaring at boys who get in their way: foremast jacks in baggy trousers and stained shirts, officers in their full kit, red-coated marines.

At the end of one of the wharves, a man -- he looks to be in his early 20's -- in a dark blue navy uniform coat and a tall, black top hat is standing in a cluster of young men. He appears to be trying to make some order of them, but they are a raucous lot, pushing and shoving their way to the front, all gesticulating and shouting at once. The uniformed man looks a little harried, and finally he gives up and barks out a sharp command that carries over the water to Jake's keen ears.

"Belay that, you lot! Pipe down and stand to, there!"

The boys freeze in place almost as a single unit and take a collective step back. The man heaves a sigh of relief and appears to ask a question ... and then the tumult begins anew.

This is, most assuredly, the Mr. Smythe in question ... and the boys are your competition; all of them appear to be vying for the same few coveted berths aboard HMS Rose ....

The game is here: http://www.myth-weavers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12703. Feel free to have a look around.

If you are interested, post here with a brief description of your young man (in private text if necessary). Please only post interest if you are reliable, at least 5X weekly poster, have a firm grasp of writing conventions, and you are a strong enough man-jack to do your duty for King and Country!

Ignore the stuff below. It's the old GM's stuff and when I took the game, I didn't get access to the game profile stuff.