GM Only, SW Saga, Lost Episodes

Hello all,

I’m starting up a special game. It’s going to be a Star Wars Saga game, however, everyone who plays must be a GM also. What we’re going to do is run it somewhat like a TV series, where each “Season”, every GM runs one “Episode”. At the end of the season one GM will run a “Season Finale” type of adventure.

Episodes will be short adventures, ideally something that would only take a single night of face-to-face gaming. Something along the lines of 3-5 encounters (combination of skill challenges, combat, dice challenges, whatever). The GM who is running the Season Finale might ask for something to be inserted into the Episode, such as a recurring theme or plot device, and they might not. Largely, each GM will be free to run whatever they want in their Episodes. One Episode might be standard Star Wars fare, the next might be a Call of Cthulu themed one-shot with Jedi fighting giant space squid.

Seasons will consist of every GM running one adventure. No exceptions. At the end of the Season, one GM will run a Season Finale episode, which can have all the standard clichés of a TV series. The Finale might be bigger (6-10 encounters) but it could be the same size as an Episode, entirely depending on what the GM wants.

Every GM will have 1 PC. When a GM is running an Episode, their PC will sit on the ship, hang out in the cantina, or do something equally lame and boring. The other GM’s PCs will be involved in the adventure. So every GM gets to play, every GM gets to run a game.

Most decisions will be made by simple majority voting. Since everyone is a GM, everyone has equal say in the future of the galaxy we’ll be playing in. That means for anything where there’s a disagreement, we’ll just use a simple vote. Then, here’s the tricky part, we’ll move on and not obsess over the decision.

So far I have two interested GMs who are posting on the boards. We’re discussing rules and lore right now. I’d like to add up to two more GMs, bringing the total up to 5 GMs. That means 4 PCs will be on an adventure at any given point.

Game Masters
Everyone who is actively signed up for the game will be a GM. I will be the Head GM.

How to apply

First, please express interest here. If for no other reason that it keeps this thread relevant for a while.

Second, think really, really, hard if this is the right game for you. You need to be the type of person who has a cooperative spirit. No one has absolute control over the future course of the galaxy we’ll be playing in. Things that are sacred to you may not be sacred to others, and ultimately may be changed. This could be an incredibly rewarding game, but you have to have the right attitude coming in. Immaturity won’t work here.

Third, head over to our forums. Take a look around. Read through the posts, and start contributing.

Fourth, ensure that you understand that there is a limit to how many GMs we can take, and ultimately that someone who contributes may not get in right away. It’s unfortunate, but games with too many GMs/PCs are a disaster waiting to happen. I really intend on sticking to my goal of 5 GMs out of the gate. Just like I want the Episodes to be quick and easy, I want to ensure that we don’t have so many players that a round of combat takes 2 weeks to complete.

Character Creation
No characters will be created until after the GMs are chosen.

Additional Info
Post rate- At least 1/day, weekends we’re flexible at this point, but I’d prefer the games keep moving along at a brisk pace.

I will close this Advertisement once I get a good feeling about 4 GMs who can work together. This thread will also auto-close on April 15th. (I hope.)