Serenity - Crimson Skies


Hey everyone - I'm interested in running a Crimson Skies game.

What is Crimson Skies, you ask? It's an alternate-history game from the guys at Fasa, where the United States fell apart after the first Great War (World War I, for the historically inept) during the Great Depression.

The states splintered into their own nations- the Republic of Texas, the Nation of Hollywoodland, et cetera.

With the nation fracturing, old friends became new enemies- rail lines and highways would allow federal troops or hostile forces into the heart of your nation, so they were sabotaged and destroyed. Instead, North America developed air travel as the common alternative to transport goods and people across new national borders. Armored zepplins carried troops and fliers to fight for the rights of citizens, and it wasn't long before those citizens could afford planes to fight on their own.

This led to an outbreak of mercenaries, smugglers, and outright piracy, everyone looking for work.

I'm working off a small knowledge of goings-on in the actual Crimson Skies universe, and a love of the simplicity of rules in Serenity. If you have more of either, I would love to have access to them.

Starting level: Greenhorn

Specialty Rules:
Equipment not allowed: No lasers, armor, or anything that would be outside the norm of 1930s Americana pulp.
Skills: Basically the same- nothing outside 1930s american pulp. If you can explain it with your backstory, I'll allow it, but otherwise no astrogation, computer hacking, or karate.

Each player will need a ship. I'll explain this more in the forums when I get to it.

Please, let someone be interested.