Deathlands - d20 Apocalypse

So, how would you like to be you, if the world were to end?

I imagine you wouldn't, at least not in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world. C'mon though, I know a bunch of you are raring to pit yourselves against the worst I have to offer.

A mystery plague with no logic to its effects. Mutations affecting those around you, seemingly without cause. Being one of the few humans left as survivors on a broken world that has become almost completely empty.

What happened? Are you alone? Are there others out there? Are there explanations? Will you have the opportunity to explore any of these questions when you're not spending your time surviving?

We'll see. Together. Because that's all that we can really do now, isn't it? It's just you, me, and us against the end of the world.

Bring your A game.