Mynd's Eye- Recruiting Bilge Rats

Now I'm assuming you have a few questions, and I will do best to answer.

Q- Mynd's Eye... but you're not Roi?!
A- No, no I'm not. However, he trusts me enough to allow to co-DM my own game in his world.

Q- Bronoft... I thought it took place in Norreth?
A- Norreth is but a city in a not entirely completed world. Bronoft is a city of my own design that Roi allowed me to place in his world.

Q- Why are you still talking?
A- Actually, I'm typing, but good point, so here's the fluff.

Whispers fill the streets and every corner of the city. Have you 'eard? Some captain is taking on a crew. For what? No one knows... Rumors say he'll take anyone. But I figure 'e can't be to picky, since most of crews die... What you didn't know? 'E supposedly killed some massive beast. Took six crews until 'e successfully killed it. Is 'e hunting monsters now? I unno. Might be. Word is 'e's got plans for bigger game.

You are a denizen of Bronoft, home to the filthiest filth in the world. Everything here revolves around profit, and not the kind that is obtained legally. Here crime is law.
You have heard rumors circulating of a crazed pirate captain searching for workers to man his ship. The pay promises to be very very good. He cares not whether you are trained in the sailing of ship or not, he just needs a crew.
You have answered his call.

Ok so here's the deal. I need a crew for a seafaring adventure in a homebrew campaign. I don't want umpteen million characters that are experienced sailors. You can come from all walks of life, and for whatever reason you have decided to sign up with said captain.
Also with the flavor of the city, I would prefer no lawful good characters (as such characters would be strung up in Bronoft).

What I do want:
Right now:
An amazing fluffy application posted in apllication thread under Ramael's game. Tell me your story. Tell me base build plans. The real crunch can be handled later.

What I want eventually:
Lvl 4 Character, Point Buy (not saying how many to prevent sheet building), Any WotC book (page and reference please), any other source on a case by case basis.
Please ask no crunch questions now

I don't know how long I plan on keeping this ad open, and I haven't decided how many players I'll be taking. It all depends on how many good apps I get.

We will be starting with a somewhat guided adventure, however your character will extend into the sandbox world and will continue until you decide to not play anymore. I am basically setting up a side campaign that revolves around Norreth's shady sister port.

If you need any other info from me, please ask. I love answering questions =D
(Also, this is my first PbP recruitment thingy so I'm sorry for it being a mess.)