Red Hand of Doom, looking to replace one free spot

Due to the sudden leaving of one of my player, the party currently adventuring in the Red Hand campaign are in need of a new player/character. The spot is open to any class but you should consult the current composition of the group to choose the best addition.

Even though the game has been running for more than 2 years, this adventure is quite recent and the present moment would be ideal to introduce a new member. The general idea of the adventure is a band of adventurer has been hired to investigate some goblinoid activity in the surroundings by the local authorities.

Current party:
  • Boramin, Wizard/Druid
  • Enzo, Rogue/Swashbuckler/Swordsage
  • Mellavin, Cleric
  • Daerwol, Duskblade

Creation Rules
  • I am pretty much allowing anything that is 3.5 WotC published and non-campaign specific. For anything else, you can ask!
  • Character Level 5,
  • 34 Point Buy,
  • Hit Points: You will have full hit points at first level then half +1(d4=2+1, d6=3+1, etc) plus any Con bonuses!!!,
  • Standard WBL (9k),
  • This is a typical good vs evil, so I will ask not to apply with evil characters,
  • Other house rules are in the Rules thread of the game.

Application Template

I understand that I am not giving a lot of time, but I am not looking for a character sheet for now. Here is the link to place your application
Character Application