Menzo Recruitment - Round 5

So its been awhile since the last round of recruitment. The game is going rather strong (posts are down a bit due to Spring Break, but I expect hat they will pick up again shortly). But as with any Myth-Weavers (read: PbP) game, Menzo has lost some players due to unexplained circumstances and has room for fresh blood.

New PCs should all apply here. Just start a Character Thread / App and make it private to yourself. Level 12.

Some may be selected by a House Matron to fill out their ranks. And will instead start at level 13.

With high activity you can catch up to the rest of the players which are 14th.

I will also entertain notions of a new House if anybody is feeling up to it. Matrons are like sub-DMs in that they are to organize their House, run the occasion adventure, etc. They also start higher level than the rest of the players, level 16.