Seeking the Chosen

About The DMs:


My Co-DM Morgan Bendbow is actually the person who is responsible (along with my girlfriend at the time) for getting me involved with Dungeons and Dragons 3rd ed. Needless to say I immediately became addicted. I am a story teller above all else, and D&D has become the perfect solution to my occasional writer's block. Since I picked up my first D20 I have been obsessed with creating my own world and inner connecting story-lines from each section of it are currently located in 3 boxes filled with legal pads filled with notes and maps and plot devices, character sheets, and character descriptions. I know my world inside and out and have ran several successful RL campaigns using it. This is my first venture into the Weave with my world, as well as the first time I am running a campaign which is completely independent from normal D&D lore. This means it is my world and all that exists from the D&D source books are the mechanics. I am in the process of building my own pantheon which is the key to any separation of original world from the Dungeons and Dragons universe (Pathfinders for example). At the moment I am using a few elements from both 3.5 and Pathfinder, so I hope that when it is all said and done, this will be an enjoyable experience for all of us. For me expanding and learning more about my world, and for you, helping shape certain events and participate in an interesting storytelling experience.


I have been playing D&D since the begaining of 3rd edition really hard, like 20 hours a week. I currently play in a 3.5 game and I play in Pathfinder organized play. With this I have learned the rules rather well. As BeyondThePale said above I am the man that introduced him to the wonderful world of ROLE PLAYING. Now on to my role in this game besides running NPC and monsters. I will be answering most of the rules questions. I will also check your characters to make sure they are not broken/to powerful. Now thats out of the way I love the ROLE aspect of the game more then the dreded ROLL part of the game. So please don't make me a DM-nazi with the rules, if you have a question about how something works post in the OOC forum or send me a PM, I'll get back as soon as I can with the answer.


We will be looking for 4 - 6 applicants to begin with, in addition to the possibility of expanding to a maximum of 9 later on (after both of us agree we can manage it while maintaining a quality role-playing experience). Posting commitment should be 1/day with exceptions for extreme circumstances. If you have not posted for 3 days, or if the party is made to wait for more than 5 days the “offending character” will be God-Moded (meaning I will post for you). If myself or my Co-DM have not been notified of any reason of absence for 7 days the player will be removed from the game and if needed we will advertise for a replacement. If a player has not posted for more than 24 hours but has otherwise been active elsewhere on the weave, he/she will be sent a warning in the form of a PM. If there is no response within (24 hrs if the player has remained consistently active elsewhere or 3 days if inactive) we will continue with the afore mentioned steps for absence.

Keep in mind that this game will be 90% Role-playing and 10% Roll-playing. Applicants will be expected to apply with sound and detailed characters, meaning no gimmicks, munchkining, or weak character designs/mechanics. This is a serious campaign and I will be accepting only serious role-players (with emphasis on role vs roll, I don't think I can stress that enough). Continuity of the game itself along with character dedication (stay true to the campaign's goals and the characters you design) will be paramount in the gaming process. Should any applicant prove not to be a team player (without specific in game reasons) said player will be removed and replaced with one who will be more able to focus on more than just selfish reasons for causing problems. That being said, you will not be approached without cause (valid complaints from at least one player and validity decided based on the agreement of both DMs) and the player will not be removed unless there is no sign of compliance or attempt to rectify the situation for future references.

Now I don't want any of you to think we are DM-nazis, we are just running a game which is intended to be as enjoying for each of us involved as opposed to players more interested in individual enjoyment.


Check the forum here for any information regarding the application process. Follow the character creation rules as described in the thread of the same name.

Note: Also keep in mind that those who are applying for the Fortress of Light positions can not gain any benifits from a deity based class...Meaning no spells or special abilities which require a spacific deity, rangers and similar split divine classes can select an ideal as their deity for these purposes, but there will be no clerics or knights of the one true god...These teachings are limited to a select few who are close to the council and them alone.

2nd note: I made this add difficult mainly because I am looking for very specific types, and if you can hit close enough i'll go for it...I am looking for creativity and adaptability, because this campaign requires that in order to maintain the longevity I am looking for yes I am looking for a very particular kind of character group and I am also very particular about the kind of player I am looking for...hense the intense rules and ambiguity of the entire situation.