A Saga of Conflict, Intrigue and Magic

Welcome to Mythic Europe!

The Fall of Constantople has set off ripples throughout Europe. Kings, Archbishops and Magi alike across Europe are forced to react to this great change. Yet for Eastern Europe this is just a sign of things to come: beyond the Eastern horizon a new threat is growing - one that could swallow all of Europe with flame and steel.

Amidst these world-changing events, a group of childhood friends - all versed in the arts of magic - uncover a secret that could turn the tide of things to come. Yet they are not the only ones who know of this, and dark powers conspire against them with the fate of the Known World as the victor's prize.

Set on the Black Sea coast in the turbulent 13th Century, the saga details the lives of these powerful magi, their allies and their agents in their struggle to survive.

Applications Close 26th Feburary, 2012

Ars Magica 5th Edition
If you are new to Ars Magica, you are welcome to join the game! As long as you have the 5th edition rulebook handy, that's enough to play from. Ars Magica characters develop a lot over play - they can quickly become unrecognisable from the characters they started out as. As such, new players are welcome to use the template characters from the core rulebook. Note that the free-to-download rulebook from Atlas Games is 4th edition, not 5th.

Saga Expectations
Ars Magica by nature is a more role-play than roll-play system. The saga itself will be progressing at a reasonable pace - I am aiming for approximately 1-2 stories per game year, and I will be keeping each story fairly short.

There will be combat, but not huge amounts of it. In many cases, combat can be either avoided or swiftly resolved by the magi.

Character Notes
There are some requirements for character backgrounds. These have been outlined in more detail in the game forum, but in short the magi are all friends from childhood. All magi will be starting fresh from their apprenticeship, just starting out into a wide, scary world of magicians, faeries, demons and others.

Recruiting Notes
I have some friends who I am hoping will be joining this game; I will be giving precedence to people I know. That said, there will be room for an additional 2-3 players, with the possibility of more slots opening in future.

About Me
This is the first PbP game I've run. I've played in PbP games before, so I'm familiar with things like posting rates and how long combat can take. I have been running tabletop RPG games (Ars Magica and others) for over two decades, so I've got a rough idea of what I'm doing.