DH/GK game

The Koronus Expanse

A dangerous, barely explored region of space beyond the Halo Stars in the Segmentum Obscurus.
This is an area that lay untouched during the Great Crusade and is slowly being colonized by the Imperium of Man.

It is a home to heathen men who do not know the light of the Emperor, filthy xenos, greedy Rogue Traders and foul agents of Chaos.

There is no place that mankind sets his foot down that is beyond the reach of His Holy Inquisition. The Ordo Malleus is one such part of this ancient holy order and they will bring the Light of the Emperor to the unhallowed grounds and cast out the daemon and the heretic. With holy faith and the might of the Grey Knights to back them, there just may be hope to push back the darkness and have the sun rise over the faithful.

You are this light, you will be the Hammer of Daemons.

Hello and welcome to this thread.

I am looking for between 2-4 players to join the 3 I already have for a game of Dark Hersey Ascension. You must be willing to post daily.

The team will be a mix of Grey Knights and Ascended Dark Hersey Throne Agents. The Grey Knights are at Rank 1 and Throne Agents Rank 9.

The point totals for DH and GK are 13, 500 xp. The book states that upon hitting rank 9 an Ascension you gain an extra 500xp to spend. I am also giving the Grey Knight PC's an extra 500 to keep them
Thanks to Miss for this catch.

This game will have an even mix of exploration, intrigue and combat. This level of game is deadly and I am not one to pull punches.
We are all here to have fun and tell an epic story so my only guiding rule for that is the rule of cool. If its heroic and sounds cool I just may give you a shot at pulling it off.
While I tend to stick to the rules, its with the idea that we don't lose sight of the rich background that drew everyone to the game in the first place. That atmosphere will prevail throughout the game.

Below you will see a list of allowable books to draw from. This is the only list with no exceptions.

Characteristics are random rolled per normal character creation. My one rule on rolls is this, when posting the numbers into the die roller, add the letter "z" at the end. This makes the numbers stand out for quicker viewing. This greatly speeds up the game and makes it easier for my book keeping. For example, it should look like 1d100z. Please check the forum and if your question is not answered there then fire away. I look forward to any responses.

Dark Hersey Apps go here http://www.myth-weavers.com/forumdis...21151&tg=24261
Grey Knight Apps go here http://www.myth-weavers.com/forumdis...21151&tg=24260 I have my Grey Knight part of the team.