I am a leaf on the wind - watch how I soar

Welcome to Zen'Reach. Mankind has grown and expanded and taken over all corners of the known universe and some unknown. You'll play the role of many possible creations. The Grand Masquerade fell and while most species were able to survive, some even prospered, mankind moved on. From the Breed Riots when the 'were' were revealed, to the Shadow politics that every conspiracy theory nut went on when the Kindred were revealed and 'them' imagine the hate that they still get from racist groups like the United Mankind Front. Some species like the Promethean and Geist weren't able to survive. Some cried, others rejoiced, but overall mankind survived and moved on and into space, the final frontier.

This is played using the new World of Darkness ruleset. To note, I don't have much experience running Vampire, Werewolf or Changeling. Most of my experience has been from playing normal mortals and Hunter. However, I believe that I should be able to easily pick up them and I have the basics down enough to understand how the mechanics work. Forgive me if I make mistakes, if you can point them out or explain that it would be appreciated.

Because of how I imagine this running, I'm looking for at most 2 players, however, this is likely going to be a solo campaign. I just imagine it being more awesome to play and read when I only have one person to interact with. Feel free to follow as a reader though.

The HR section doubles as House Rules and Human Resources. The Applications folder should be used when applying for the game.

Character CreationPlease build using the sample character sheet (edit as needed), I've changed it up just a little bit, mostly adding a few skills or expanding them some. Some you probably won't need at all, others will potentially be live-saving.

In addition to your starting merit dots, you receive 4 extra dots in which you can ONLY use to purchase your initial spacecraft. If you chose to not play a spaceship captain (which is perfectly cool). I'll award something separately after application(s) have been accepted.

Characters should have motivations and goals. While there is conflict throughout the 'verse, overall, this is a solo(-ish) game which makes it more open to sandbox. Backgrounds should include how, or why your in the Zen'Reach system.

Book Limitations are all mortal books are available, however, due to my new learning, please try to limit the other splat books in Vampire, Werewolf and Changeling as I only readily have the core books. I simply don't have them and/or know how broken some of them can get. Feel free to play an alien if you would like as well. I've created a few, for some the more well known species in this system, but the universe is teaming with life of all kinds. You'll probably want to get the Infinite Macabre book to build them if you don't already have it.

Any questions?