Age of Heroes

This game is closed for new applicants.

Here are some minor changes to the Game Description below:

1) Abilities that are tied to defenses are capped at the starting PL of the game: 10. Same goes for all defenses.

2) I would like all PCs to have an original form the same as their pre-event form. This means that Johnny/Jenny still looks basically like Johnny/Jenny (except the +2 Attractive advantage). He/She could gain mass, loose mass, gain age, loose age, but he or she looks basically the same. The character may change form at will or something into a heroic form that may not pass as human, but should be able to generally pass for a normal human with no (or minimal) effort at disguise when in his or her normal form. It may be that the heroic form is the norm and the character has to force a change into his or her pre-event form...that's fine too. Alternatively the character just gains powers and does not have to worry about changing forms.