You Win or You Die

Looking for players interested in a sand-box-ish type game set in the Westerlands realm of Westeros, nearly 50 years before the ASoIaF books begin. Each player would be running their own House with likely between 2-4 actual PC-level characters, although only per story/chapter.

Hoping for nearly a post-a-day level commitment, but I know that's not always possible, so I'm willing to be flexible.

New and experienced players are both welcome, although access to the rules makes things a lot easier. I'm planning this to be first-come/first-serve and may close this thread early if I get enough applicants quickly. I'm also not firm in the 6 players, so might be able to squeeze a few more in if interest is strong.

You can post interest or ask questions here, but I'll actually be looking for applications in the House Creation - OOC thread on the game's forums.