Low magic, site based fantasy

Once upon a time...

Alistair stumbled back into the village, dazed and distraught. His feet moved of their own accord, taking him slowly back home, past the fields, past the orchard, past everything. Other folk stopped in their chores and watched him, confused by his manner and even ready to drop everything should he need help. But his feet moved of their own accord, taking him slowly back home. His apprentice needed his guidance, after all. Aimee counted on him and Marcus to keep the boys in line, and Marcus wasn't much good at it.

Saundra was going to hate him, maybe even want to kill him. Yet, there was nothing he could do. Nothing at all. The fae made that very clear. He could move to a different household, maybe, even though it would mean being farther from the mill. How could he have been so incredibly stupid? No empty sack was worth the kind of risk he took to retrieve it. Especially not when it had such a high toll in the end.


If you don't happen to know WR&M, no problem! It's free and a rules lite system. The core book is only 40 pages long, and that includes all the spells and credits. We are not using the other books, but if you wish to use some particular talent, skill, or spell from one of them, you can petition for its specific inclusion.

This game has a world wiki with information about the setting. Much has been intentionally left vague to allow for player flexibility. You are free to embellish, embroider, and otherwise add to what's there as part of your submission, so long as you do not contradict anything already declared. When in doubt, ask.

Characters will begin as 5-6 year old children (your choice for age). We will play out one scene at that age to establish relationships between PCs, then skip forward to a short happening at age 9-10. From there, we will again skip forward. The exact age we skip to and how many additional times we do so will be decided as a group. The game will begin in earnest at age 17-18, when all characters are adults.

Completed submissions belong in this thread. A completed character sheet is entirely unnecessary at this point. You're free to make one up, of course, but I'm not interested in seeing it.

Human is the only allowed race. Use names appropriate for an English village (English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh), and no one has a surname. If you happen to have the same name as someone else, you'll also have a nickname or other identifier, like Tall John, Sheriff John, Johnny, John-John, Big John, John Boy, and so on.

Both male and female characters are acceptable. The game will stay in and around Pentingham, so having offspring will not be a serious problem for anyone.

This game will be written in past tense.
Minimum posting requirement: 1/day on weekdays, 1 per weekend. This will be enforced strictly in combat. Outside of combat, which I expect to be the majority of the game, so long as it's going and no one is holding up the rest of the group, I'm less concerned, but I still have these expectations.

Fair warning: dark ages Catholicism will be portrayed in a negative light in this game. I am not interested in a debate about whether that's fair or not, or even if it's accurate or not. It's fantasy Catholicism, not the real thing, just like in any other game that uses the real world as its basis.

We will be using the Warrior, Rogue, & Scholar variant. If you want to be able to cast spells, you will need to take the Spellcaster talent for 1st circle spells and an additional talent for each subsequent circle of spells (Journeyman Spellcaster, Advanced Spellcaster, Master Spellcaster).

Did I forget anything important to you? Probably. Ask away! Please no PMs, but feel free to hit me up by IM (make sure to identify yourself as a Weaver when you do, or I'm likely to ignore you). My various handles are in my profile, which you should be hitting up anyway to find out more about me.