Calling all Dispoisable Heroes

Heavy metal and D&D go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Epic battles, terrible villains, great heroes, mighty dragons and more are ubiquitous throughout heavy metal. This is a game inspired my the lyrics of heavy metal along with some of other genres.

Here you will be playing as a settler on a hellish frontier known as Devils Island. The game will start with the PCs either getting on the boat, in the middle of the voyage, or just stepping off, I haven't decided which yet and your input is most welcome.

The GMs: Yours truly with some help from Tonizio.


Starting level is first, there is a attributes rolling thread in the game forum, starting wealth is standard as per the PHB.

Alignment: Possibly against my better judgement I'm going to allow any alignment.
Appearance: Typical what do you look like, pictures are nice but far from necessary.
Personality: What makes you who you you, what are your hopes and fears, that sort of stuff?
Background: What did you do before you hoped a boat to Devils Island and why are going, is it by choice or where you convicted of a crime and chose shipping out over the gallows?
Song of Inspiration: Something special for this campaign I'm requiring all applicants to cite one song as inspiration for their character. You might be sorcerer who gained his powers by being the seventh son on a seventh son, or a priest of the Temples of Syrinx.

Sources Allowed:

Right now I'm going to allow anything put out by WotC, but I'm going to talk to Tonizio about it, don't make me regret being so open.

Lastly I've been very vague, this is intentional, I'm looking to you to help me fill in the blanks.