Gaslight Investigations

Gaslight Investigations is a game which has already existed in a previous incarnation. Through player attrition and a game system switch to FATE, I need to recruit.

There will be one returning player so this should feel as much like a brand new game as possible.

I'll be looking for 2-4 players.

P.S. A quick word on FATE. This will be the first time I will be GMing a FATE game. I don't think it will inhibit my ability to effectively GM, but for those who are FATE experts/purists, you should take my experience into account as you decide whether to apply.

I will review the applications, the applicants’ user stats on mythweavers, and may ask some follow-up questions if necessary.

Then, I’ll pick the players, notify them, and we’ll move into the game forum...

Thanks everyone!