Under the Black Rainbow

This is the ad for the game I forgot to post a while back. The rules for making characters are included above in the game information, but this game is going to be somewhat roleplay heavy as it seems that a lot of the problem with games and the thing that slows them down is an overabundance of combat and waiting on players to decide what to do.

So I'm opening this up here and now, first game in a while that I will be running anywhere but since I have a lot more free time during the week this will get easier. A little bit about my background in gaming, I started playing in 2008, around the time that 4e was coming out but I stuck exclusively to third until very recently, I have run a few games, one of them ran for years and was a PbP and only ended because I hated the politics of the forum that was hosting it.

I'm looking for three or four good story oriented players, people who work well together and mes with each other in a way that will make for a believable group dynamic.