War on the Horizon: 2 players needed

War on the Horizon is a Dragonlance Campaign Iím running. Due to some ongoing complications, Iíve lost several players over the course of the initial startup. So Iím placing up this add to look for 2 new players to add to the team. Donít worry; prior experience with the campaign is not needed.

War on the Horizon is set just after the war of the souls on Krynn and continues my own timeline (which can be found in the game forum) It focuses on the aftermath of the war of the souls, the loss of both Paladine and Tahkisis to the pantheon of gods and a new rising knighthood (of evil) that is convinced Tahkisis herself will return.
With this new knighthood, and the Solamnic knights facing new and dangerous prospects the heroís must make difficult choices and face new enemies. Danger and the outbreak of war seems inevitable on every front, and now a humanoid army led by the mysterious figure known simply as ĎAnkharí who seems to be relentlessly attacking the Solamnic nations without cause or warning has made an already volatile situation worse.
The City of Solanthus has been lost to the Knights of Solamnia, and is now under the control of the Solanthus liberation army, and they too seem to be facing their own dire situations.

The heroís must decide what battles to wage, what fronts are important and where they are needed most. In the end itís THEIR decisions that will ultimately decide whether or not Paladine and Tahkisis may actually return, or if the nation and possibly the entire world, fall into a new and very dark age.

Characters will start at Level 5, and classes will be restricted to the playerís handbook (and possibly classes out of the DL campaign setting)

Stat roll will be done as 4d6 drop the lowest, please make sure you have at least a net bonus of +3, otherwise you may feel free to reroll your lowest scores until you have it.

Standard starting gold for the level, random starting age, as detailed in the PHB.
Full HP at first level,
Dragonlance races only please (and no kender)

These rules are set in stone for this recruitment; please donít ask for exceptions as none will be granted.

I welcome any questions and look forward to anyone who wants to join the team.