Outlaw Man

10 years may have passed since the Civil War ended, but Jonas MacGregor still finds himself unable to return home. In a quest for fame and fortune, and with a small band of followers, he has taken the road of an outlaw, trying to make his way on the frontiers of the expanding United States...

Starting on the border between Kansas and the Indian Territory, this will be a sandbox covering the whole of the United States, driven by the individual characters and their own personal stories. I’m looking for 4 more players to take on the roles of the gang led by Jonas “Morkskittar” MacGregor, a former Confederate officer from Georgia, now turned outlaw. Characters can be either former soldiers who have followed Jonas since the War, or other outlaws he has picked up along the way.

We’ll be using the Gunslingers and Gamblers rules. Unfamiliarity with the system won’t be an issue: the rules are fairly simple, and I’m happy to help anyone who needs it. To apply, please post a description of your character’s physical appearance, personality and background in the thread on the forum. I’m not going to ask for a specific amount of information, but the plot will be very much based around the characters and the more hooks you can offer, the better. The deadline will be on Friday 13th July, and the application thread will be closed at midnight (GMT). The players will be chosen by myself with assistance from Mork, who will provide the insight of the Gang’s leader as to who he would have hired.

I'll be around between now and then if there are any questions. I tend to log in several times a day, and I try to respond to messages fairly promptly. Characters are welcome to have secrets (even from their boss) and this will even be encouraged to some extent, so I'm happy to take questions through PM if you prefer. If anyone wants to create a character who has followed Jonas since the War, Mork is also available to discuss their histories if you want.