World of Warcraft: Old Ends & New Beginnings

This will be a World of Warcraft 2nd Edition / D&D 3.5 Edition game set in the World of Warcraft universe. Set in the months following the discovery of the isle of Pandaria and the death of Deathwing, this game will allow players to explore the world of Azeroth as either a member of the Horde... the Alliance... or as part of a neutral movement seeking their place in the world.

Races and Classes are strongly encouraged to be taken from the World of Warcraft 2nd Edition series of books, however I will also accept classes from the core books belonging to D&D proper (Core Rules, Completes, Races of...etc). Now while the MMO might reward those who use "Builds" and "Cookie Cutter Specs", not so here. I'm not looking for those who want to power-game their way through the world, I'm looking for interesting characters and INTERESTING PLAYERS. Too often we focus on the characters and not the players... so lets make things interesting!

As a "lorekeeper", raider, theorycrafter and lore-based podcaster since the infant days of this great world, I will be your GM through the world of Azeroth and beyond. I promise to show you a living, breathing (or not so, for you Forsaken characters) world full of plot, adventure and phat epic loots... if that's what you're here for I suppose. Meet famous characters, be SLAIN by famous characters, and forge a legend all your own in a world that perhaps is now so familiar.

At this point I'm not going to forbid any classes or races just yet... though I will squash certain character concepts should they come across "the desk". For instance, even if you write the greatest and most amazing backstory of all time, I am not going to allow a Pandaren Death Knight. I'll compliment your writing skills and refer you to a contact or two in Activision Blizzard's creative team... but I'll still deny the character. Other combinations are possible for the "Outright Deny" classification, though I'll reserve those decrees for the moment.

Now this isn't to say your Pandaren Wardancer or other such couldn't BECOME a Death Knight... but you're REALLY going to have to work to get there. If you've got a character idea that involves a race not detailed in the available books (and I can already think of a few), I'll be happy to toss out some stats for such characters. I also really do not mind interesting concepts and combinations... just keep them within the existing world.

What the future holds for the characters? Who's to know... but one thing's for sure. Once this game begins, it will be it's own timeframe and universe. While I might have certain events from the upcoming "Mists of Pandaria" expansion happening in this game... I will most certainly be expecting you "Heroes" to be altering the course of events to your own liking. Will YOU be the one to dethrone Warchief Garrosh? Perhaps you will take over where The Twilight's Hammer failed? Will you do everyone a favor and stab Rhonin in the eye with his own magical red hair?

Let us see... shall we?