New Planescape Player Needed

EDIT: The ad has been edited to show that more character spots are available.

The City of Doors sits at the top of a endlessly tall spire in the middle of the Outlands, and it's residents represent all of creation in their make-up. Innumerable gates, called doors, open into the myriad of worlds and planes that stretch into infinity, and from all come the citizens of Sigil. With so many faces, beliefs, and customs, is it any wonder that Sigil is considered the Center of the Multiverse?

*For those familiar with the Planescape setting, all events are considered to have happened before the Faction War.
Personal DemonsDM (T_Zero) looking for one replacement member to join a team in a 3.5x version of the Planescape campaign setting. All 3.5 books welcome, including tomes. Entries should be in the form of a precis (total summary) sent to me via PM. All entries subject to rejection by the head DM of our games.
Long Live the Lich QueenDM (mishra) looking for two, pretty unique character applications. Specifically, I'm looking for character applications that fit in with two of the seven deadly sins, Gluttony and Lust, with a pending spot open for Pride.
As for the mechanics, it's the same as above, 3.5 material, Tomes included. Applications can go in the application thread.