Seeking Supplemental Players

Hey All, I started running this game nearly 2 years ago. 2 of the original players are still with me, along with one other good solid player. We're almost through Lair of the Vermin Lord, and could probably use some reinforcements. Our current party consists of

Afie - Heahwisard
Varn - Woodsman
Rindilnir - Elven Swordsmaster
Krusk - loyal orc extra

The game will continue on after I finish running Vermin Lord. I started out playing LotVL three times. After the third GM went AWOL, I took up the reins and have been running it ever since.

I'm looking for 1-2 other players, who can post around 3-5x a week. I would prefer 1/day M-F, but we usually don't run that way. My mission is to have fun and tell a story.

Characters start with 10xp. As per the SW Delux, there is no Guts skill. All Edges and Hindrances from the Hellfrost Player's Guide and Expansion are legal. Any Edge/Hindrance from the Core Rules not specifically banned by the Player's guide, should be OK, but there are a few in the Delux Rules that may not be applicable.

Apply for the game and add in a character. I'll write you in ASAP.