Web of the Spider Queen

This is an "old" Encounters Season, the first of a story-line that I feel is going to be significant to the future of the Forgotten Realms. Characters will start at 1st level and get to 3rd by the end. This is not written as a huge role playing opportunity, however, there is no reason we cannot make it such. I will be picking submissions that show the player's ability to help tell a great story. I hope to expand on the role playing.

CHARACTER CREATION: Standard 1st level character creation rules. Any race or class. Please pick from the following themes and backgrounds:

Post submissions in this thread. Please include the following in your submission:
Character name, race, class, Theme and Background.
Character History
Character Description (a pic will do) & Personality

I would like to keep the game going but I know everyone gets busy, so I would like a posting rate of at least 1 post every 2 days.

weregeek85 - Leader/Striker - Minotaur Cleric/Ranger
shdwrnnr - Controller - Shadar-Kai Wizard
Twilightkiwi - Leader - Deva Artificer
Drunken Zombie - Striker - Human Warlock
Secret Agent Cow - Defender - Dragonborn Paladin
Fortive - Striker - Pixie - Sorcerer/Rogue
Shadow Elf - Leader - Dwarven Templar Cleric
Sentinel - Striker - Elf Avenger
Celtic Guardian 7 - Defender - Human Fighter
**Reemos - Striker - Elf Vampire
**Soulegion - Striker - Drow Rogue