Adventures in Golarion

Narissa lets a uncharacteristic squawk escape from the surprise attack, as the ugly man's hand crossbow goes <THWACK> ! The little shaft of the bolt sinks deep causing her to grunt in pain and bite off the cry that threatened to ring out. The wound is not terrible, yet another one like that could be dangerous.

After drawing in a breath, the female warrior's demeanor is collected once again and she smiles wickedly at the bandit leader. Licking her lips, she coos, "Ooooh, that felt goooood."

"I have been waiting to meet you. I bet you like it rough."

With the obstructions in the room, she cannot manage to easily fly over the pit. Instead, Narissa moves down the walkway and slashes at the man with her ranseur. The bladed point cuts into his arm, flecks of red blood splatter the wall, flying from the polearm's continued follow through.

"Lovely shade of red, lover. Let's dance."

Do you want to play Pathfinder? Having trouble getting into a game to strut your stuff?
Welcome to Adventures in Golarion.

I am going to start a campaign here at Myth-Weavers, my first one at the site, but far from my first foray into GMing PbP games. I have been running many PbP games for almost 3 years now on multiple sites for D&D 3.5ed, Pathfinder, and more.

  • Adventures based upon published module material
  • It will feature tactical combats and still be as heavy role-playing as the players can make it.
  • Posting frequency should be about once a day normally, minimum 3 times per week
  • Players should have a reasonable knowledge of PF rules, or at least be able to look things up in the SRD before asking questions

See full list of Expectations Here: Expectations

At the end of the application process, I will select five players to start a series of mini-adventures using
The Curse of the Crimson Throne takes hold of the city! In the shadow of an ailing king, a new ruler gathers power, sending shockwaves through a populace already plagued by unrest and pushing this seaport city to the brink of disaster.

In the face of anarchy, a new band of heroes gathers at the call of a mysterious patron. Strange magic and mysterious prophesies set them on the trail of a common foe; a path that draws them into a struggle to save the city from ruin. Amid the intrigues of kings and generals, heroes and thieves, itís up to these new heroes to decide whether the rule of a new monarch will usher in a new age of glory or a reign of chaos.
The Curse of the Crimson Throne AP, changing things slightly to match the fictitious city of Parthacia. This is a city in the world of Pathfinder, not specifically located on the map of the Inner Sea so it can be within 2-3 days of anywhere in Golarion if necessary to springboard into other published adventures or APs.

I plan to start things off in away that is more enjoyable for applicants than simply creating a character application and just sitting around to wait for the deadline to come. I am looking for players that want to be creative and work together, their characters interacting with each other as much as their environment. If you want to just roll dice, probably not the game for you.

Anyone interested in becoming a co-DM should contact me via Private Message.

LinksSelection and character generation will be completed in two phases, see the Character Creation Rules and Applications thread.

See the General House Rules thread for additional information on specifics for characters and gameplay.

After reading those threads and there is information that is missing, this Application Questions thread is where to ask them. As I answer questions, the pertinent ones will be added to the first post to find them quickly.