Twisted Fairy Tales

Looking for about 6 dedicated players, willing to run the long haul! It's a Grimm's Fairy Tales world, with my own twisted concoctions. It will be a game mixed with action, mystery, espionage and quite likely a large dash of terror and humor!

I'm looking for great roleplayers who can adapt to any situation, and are willing to stick around for a while and remain active as much as possible.
As any who've gamed with me know, I tend to be fairly strict with ability score rolls, so I'm looking for players who are capable of playing out their lot in life with pride instead of wishing to be reincarnated as a rock star. It's good to be the huge famous guy, but nobody gets famous without the intrinsic qualities of the small fry to push them to the top

Admittedly, this game has the potential to be more lethal than most average 3.5/4e games, but I prefer characters making pressured choices forced by fear for their lives than sitting around a dungeon for 20 minutes arguing over who should do what... Yes, I'm a bit hardcore like that.

The game setting will start with a nice, big potentially bloody battle, so be warned!

This game is not for the squeamish or the crybaby. Your character could actually die in this game!

Note: I am by no means out to kill anyone's character, so don't misread the warning label. However, your enemies aren't exactly out to invite you for tea and crumpets, either.