BSG: Escortstar Meleager

"All this has happened before, and will happen again."
"They Rebelled."
"They Evolved."
"They came back..."
"...and They have a Plan."
Escortstar Meleager
The Meleager, or "Old Mel", is a Hunter Class Escortstar nominally assigned to BSG-75, technically under the command of Galactica and Commander Adama.

Meleager has been attached to the 24th Viper Training Squadron for the last seven years. Pilots in the final stages of their qualifications are transferred to Meleager and her two accompanying vessels for their last six months of training--mostly in combat landing and tactical aerospace maneuvering--keeping the nuggets from "bothering" the flight crews of the 'Combat Commands'...vessels such as Galactica, Pegasus, and the various 120 other-some-odd Battlestar Groups of the Colonial Fleet.

Meleager is slated for decommisioning during the next six months to a year, and as such has become a low priority posting for the Fleet and is of little concern to the Admiralty. Combined with a mid-space collision three months ago that killed or wounded a significant portion of its crew and damaged a little over a dozen various small craft, and the Meleager is notably understaffed. Nonetheless, her Commanding Officer, Major Ivana Deering, has been ordered to prepare for a transfer to command of the Spatha (a Gladius Class Gunstar) after it finishes its refit, and intends to take almost all of her crew with her, so readiness and morale remain high in anticipation of a mass-move into a bigger and better vessel.

Old Mel is quite understrength at the current time, notably due to the aforementioned circumstances. With only 416 crew, a short squadron of 20 vipers (most nuggets), and a single flight of Raptors, the ship, though maintained as well as possible by Major Deering, is not quite up to full fighting strength. While she is capable of handling the pirates that plague the Erebos Belt or even a couple of pitched wartime battles, her dearth of personnel and small craft would doom her quickly if the resumed...unless she found additional personnel and small craft in short order.

Meleager is currently on the outskirts of the Erebos Belt (Helios Alpha Subsystem), conducting training missions in the fringes of the asteroids inside the Erebos Flight Range; today is the day that Galactica retires and then proceeds to Caprica to meet up with an honor guard composed of most of the Colonial Fleet to be escorted to its final resting place in orbit around Caprica as a 'living museum'.

I do not expect you to post more than once every four days or twice a week. Be warned, because I currently have free time, I post more often than that. There is no rush. Keep in mind, since you are likely to be spread out in groups of one to three PCs the majority of the time, the game will be run on 'relative time'; what happens in each area will be paced to that area, and I will take care of matching things up. If players want to coordinate their PCs actions OOC, I strongly encourage it. Just try to keep the meta-gaming down; also, for reason of suspense (and to keep the main thread from getting too long if a single PC sees something), I will relay certain things via Private Content. Players do not need to use PC back unless they want to hide their actions from other players.

BSG: Escortstar Meleager is a game using the Battlestar Galactica RPG from MWP. Characters will start out at 'Recruit' level. Check the house rules for a few adjustments (thanks to Kyris for those) to the rules. You can try including Traits from other MWP books, but please check with the me first (by OOC or PM) for suitability. Feel free to come up with creative concepts. If you wish to play a Cylon 'skinjob'...go right ahead! Just PM me (Prestar) first; I will have to work with you some. I will only allow a maximum of two 'skinjobs', and would prefer only one...and there will be balancing disadvantages to playing a 'skinjob'. Just like 'Athena', you will be free to be loyal to humans (more free, actually, since you can start out loyal to them).

If you start play in the Colonial Fleet, you will be ranked between Specialist and Petty Officer First Class in rank (if enlisted) or Cadet Ensign and Lieutenant (if commissioned). As a Marine, you will be ranked between Corporal and Gunnery Sergeant (if enlisted), or Third Lieutenant and First Lieutenant (if commissioned). If you join as a civilian, you can be 'ranked' anything between a convict and a successful corporate Senior Vice President; if you play as one of the Colonial Law Enforcement/Intelligence/Security agencies, you will somewhere between 'Probie' and 'Senior Special Agent'; if you are a politician or bureaucrat, you will end up somewhere between 'Senior Planning Specialist, ____' and 'Senior Permanent Deputy Undersecretary of _____'.

The game has commenced a few hours before the Cylon surprise attack on the Colonies. What the PCs do can affect (although neither stop nor negate) the Cylon attack on the Colonies.

The game should be considered 'fanon' in all senses rather than 'canon'. In point of fact, any Colonial Fleet ships other than Battlestars, Vipers, and Raptors are purely speculation in view of the re-imagined series. However, the game will attempt to stay within the bounds of the 'feeling' of the re-imagined BSG series. Note, I am incorporating what we saw in 'Caprica' as well as both 'Razor' and 'The Plan'; while there are still the same number of 'skinjobs', do not expect that things will go down the same path as the campaign progresses. This is a 'possibility'--just as equally valid--as what we saw. After all, "All this has happened before, and will happen again." Nowhere was it ever said it happened the same way.

This game is aiming to give you a view of the world of the Second Cylon War from a different angle, both aiming to give the players that 'feel' while still giving them something new. This is going to be a relatively malleable campaign; what the players do will determine where the campaign goes. While there will be events that will take place whether the PCs are present or not (such as the Cylon Hack Attack), they will be able to have an impact on the world (within decent reason). For things such as "Where is the CO going to go next?", I will have the players vote (probably over a 72 to 120-hour window) on several options, that way still giving the players a say in the 'important things' while still letting their PCs 'get in the thick of it'.

I'd prefer to get 4-8 more players; I will, however, consider more. Characters should be created as recruits and submitted in the CharacterApplication thread in the Game Forum. Submitted characters with exceptionally well-written background stories may recieve extra points to be used for skills; this, however, will likely be reflected in me 'tweaking' your character sheet after it is accepted and adding those points. A picture for your PC will be required before you can post IC; even if there are radical differences in hair or eye color, the picture you choose to represent your PC still gives both myself and your fellow Players a better--and fundamental--understanding of your PC.

If you have questions, please ask me either OOC or by PM; I should get back to you within 24 hours.

Fan-made resources in use for this game; take ideas freely from this, but please check agains the 'Background' Thread Group on the forum. While many thanks are due to the team that put together these useful resources together, I have a fairly clear picture of how the Colonial--and Cylon--'war machines' work. It is based on what we see in the series, combined with ideas from these three books, and then shaped with practical knowledge of what an actual, functional military takes to there are differences to these books.

Colonial Warbook IIe (Hunter Class is on p 116.)
The Thin Blue Line
Ares Guide to Infantry Weapons of the Colonies

This is the map that is based on the writers' notes and 'bible' for the new BSG; we are using this as opposed to the MWP-produced map. (This one makes a great deal more sense.)
Detailed Map of the Twelve Colonies