A Final Fantasy

A bit about me
I am a Roleplayer of ten(10) years of experience, with five(5) years of experience with the various adaptations of Final Fantasy d6. I have Game Mastered for six(6) of my ten(10) years of roleplaying. And yes, the putting of numbers in parenthesis after the written word is a quirk I have and something you, the players, will have to put up with. I write as a hobby so hopefully I will be able to weave(no pun intended) a story with you all.

Don't let me being new to Mythweavers fool you, I am experienced in Play by Post games so I think I have a handle on the forum codes.

A bit about the game
This game will follow a simular vein and setting as Final Fantasy III with my own variations. So, let the nostalgia begin!

I have my own list of house rules and the character creation rules are here.

EDIT!: I should most likely mention that we are using this version of FFd6.