Only If For A Night

The world is changed. You can see it for yourself.

Welcome to Earth, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to an Earth that is indistinguishable to the one you live in at present. Welcome to an Earth where the dead walk in the land of the living.

'Breath of Life' is once again recruiting for another go round. Please be advised that this is not a zombie apocalypse game; in fact, there shall be no zombies at all. There will be undead, but they won't be slow corpses with arms raised in front of them groaning about 'brains'.

You play a character who is gifted. Powers, certainly; great or no, that is for you to decide. But, one and all, you can see the ghosts of the dead as they walk the earth. It doesn't make you insane; it just means you have a few more senses. And of course you have your powers.

My screenname is Illusionist, and I'll be your Storyteller for this game. There remains no set plot for this game; I shall instead see what plot can be derived from those that sign up. Interesting backstories shall lead to interesting threads of plot; if anyone has any suggestions as to where to go, I'll gladly work them in.

Please make your applications in the threadgroup within the game forum, and please read the thread already there. There is no set format to however you wish to post your application; I trust in your creativity.

All questions are welcome, whether here or in the OOC thread in the forum or, in the case of character creation, in the thread in the applications threadgroup.