d20 Future space adventure with twists

Hello all, i am looking for a crew to man a starship to explore into the unknown. While i will be using d20 future, i will be adding some supernatural elements into the game to keep you all on your toes. The ship and captain are a mystery with lots of their own secret to uncover on your quest. I am looking for a max of 8 crew, though 4-6 would be ideal. Daily posting is a must.

This is my first try at Dming d20 future/modern though i been dming D&D for 20 years, so starting in PBP setting allows me to learn the rules and be able to look up stuff before posting my replies which works well My posts will be either in the morning or after midnight EST(i work afternoons). There will be a good mix of spaceship combat and ground exploration so having both skills covered is a good idea. Check out the game area for PC creation rules and some info about the ship you will be on.

thanks for your interest