Rags to Riches

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The capital city of the Dren Empire has become your destination. You and many others sit eagerly awaiting to arrive in its vast port. You have left what life you had behind you with the hopes of starting anew! Tyrannical lords, scoundrels, thieves and even threats of war are what have forced you to make this move.

The eastern coast of the Empire has become a slave driven land where men are worked to the deaths and women are corralled and sold on every corner of every port. It is a lawless time in the lands and the king has supposedly shut his eyes to the happenings outside of his own walls.

Many have made this voyage and many more are sure to follow for it said that in the city of Westmorrow even the lowest of low can amass riches suitable for the king himself.

Character Level: 2
Allowed Races: Human, Half-elf, Dwarf and Halfling
Stats: 32 point buy
Wealth: 100 gold
Health: max Hit Points