A Whole New World

Do you like One Piece? Are you caught up with the series in either form? Do you have a working knowledge, which does have an SRD available, of Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition? Are you a reliable and consistent player? Then the Pinstripes need you!

What makes this game different from a normal One Piece game? It starts at the halfway point of Sabaody Archipelago. Mainly because this group of players has taken part in multiple games that have started from the beginning. This means that you will have access to Haki as the Captain has trained the entire crew in its use and applications.

We currently have a cook, musician and shipwright. What we certainly need are a doctor and navigator. Other roles I would like to see would a swordsman or weapon master of sorts, an inventor and a sharpshooter. You can join at Sabaody Archipelago if you want, or you could have joined earlier.

You begin at PL 12/180 PP with the house rule of 4 Skill Points per PP.