Thedas: The Reforming Chantry needs your help.

The Chantry is implementing reforms Thedas wide. Although very desperately needed there are those that resist that notion. The new Divine has helped you protect the reforms. Many Templars, Nobles, Mages and quite a few in the Chantry itself who won't lose a sliver of their power without kicking and screaming. The new Divine Justinia has survived 3 assassination attempts in a year. 2 Grand Clerics have been assassinated along with Grand Enchanter Melinda and 4 High Enchanters. no less than 12 Templar Knight Captains and 3 Seekers have died as well. This doesn't count numerous underlings that have been killed.

You are a strong backer of the reforms and have been selected to be a part of the Eyes of the Divine, an intelligence outfit connected to the Chantry. Gallia Tremere and is the daughter of the Herald Ellana Lavellan . Unlike her mother she is officially a City Elf not a Dalish as she has never lived outside a city. A pampered City Elf, but a City Elf nonetheless. She seen the oppression of her elven kindred and is enthusiastic as a result. Like her mother she is a mage and she sees the need of a balance of power between the Templars and the Mages. The lessons about the problems that happened due to the overpowering presence of mages in Tevinter made her wary of making her fellow mages too powerful as well as the Templars.

You are to fight against the chaos and reactionary forces of the various uprisings. You are to infiltrate, disrupt and report on various rebel groups. Assassinations may be necessary. One top member being assassinated may spare many lives. Your enemy is determined, fanatic and ruthless. Some of them murder elves, dwarves and mages. Some go after those they think are sympathetic to them.