Catherine's way of celebrating being still alive

The kingdom of Fiore. A neutral country with a population of about 17 millions.
'Tis a place of magic.
Magic is commonly exchanged and plays a key part in people's lives.
And there are also those who dedicate their lives to its practice, and use it to make a living: these are called mages.
Mages join various guilds, where they do jobs by request: many such guilds exist throughout the country.
And, there's a certain guild that lies in a certain town: it's a guild that used to create, and to this day still creates, many legends as the years pass.
Its name...

Mahoukyou No Tabibito

... is Fairy Tail

So hey, remember when I used to hate Spheres? Well I still hate them, but they make for the most versatile system for me to finally start a game based on my favorite anime of all times, as their incredible versatility makes it possible to actually port over its various forms of magic with a degree of faithfulness... And so I guess we're using those right now.

As you might have guessed, this is a long-term game whose goal is to "rewrite", so to speak, the plot of acclaimed manga/anime Fairy Tail: we will mostly stick to how the plot unfolded in canon, but since there are quite a few elements of the canon which I found to be pointless, silly, or outright contradictory, I'm going to make some major changes here and there, in order to create what, at least in my intention, should make for a more coherent and hole-proof plot while also being more enjoyable as a Pathfinder campaign. Most notably, there will be no Edolas and no bs about there being 3 Jellals, and the time-skips will also get the axe (I hate those): what am I planning to replace them with? Well, play in this game and find out

This is meant to be a duo game, meaning I will be accepting two PCs: one replacing Natsu and one replacing Lucy, the canon protagonists. The game's forum has all the info you need to create the appropriate characters, so by all means do check it out. As I've done with other games in the past, I will be accepting multiple groups, running multiple versions of the same campaign in parallel: this means that 4 or even 6 people in total will be accepted for this. Thus, even if you see this ad late and there's already a lot of apps, don't lose hope and feel free to apply, because you'll still get a chance.

Given the sheer length of the source material, this is obviously going to be a LONG campaign, and there is also the fact that, in the past couple of weeks, being terminally ill has further depleted my already limited reserves of patience and empathy: as such, I must ask you that you don't apply for this game unless you're VERY serious about it. Ask yourself, in all honesty, if there's any chance that you might lose interest halfway through, and if the answer is yes, then please don't apply.
That being said, knowledge of the source material and/or experience with Pathfinder and/or familiarity with the Spheres system are NOT required here: if you know nothing about Fairy Tail and/or are still inexperienced with these systems, you're nonetheless welcome to apply.

This is all: anime fans from all over the world, unite under the banner of yet another Catherine Cook's Weeb Brand game!