5E One Shot

I know the system says 3.5. That is an accident. This is for a 5E game.

The Starting Hook

The Crystal Hearth, City of Smaragdus

The Emerald Empire is in chaos. Reports are coming in from faraway provinces of barbarian invaders, savage beasts and fell demonic beasts and monsters. The Lightning Rail has not returned from its easternmost stop, provincial governors have failed to pay tribute and otherwise report back to the capital.

Whats worse is that now an army unlike any ever seen approaches the glistening Emerald City. Somehow it has bypassed all the border defenses, the standing Imperial legions and threatens the greatest city in the world.

You are members of the elite Emerald Guard and have been summoned to the royal chambers for one last command from his Imperial Majesty, the Emerald Emperor.

DM's Read Me First
This is a one shot. I intend for the game to run anywhere from 6 months to a year and a half, depending on posting rate.

There is going to be a clearly defined quest, parameters for failure and success, and one way or the other the game will end when this quest comes to its conclusion. That said, within that - whether your character lives, dies, sells out to the darkness, etc - is up to you and your compatriots. Your characters will have a real and tangible impact on the fall of the city of Smaragdus, their specific quest, and how that effects the rest of the game world that this is set in. If you've ever wanted to be like Mordenkainen and have something in a game named after you, or to see your PC live on as an important background NPC, this is the game for you!

Also, the success or failure of this quest is going to affect some of the pre-existing background for upcoming events in my War of the Orbs game, and maybe one of these characters will get the chance to show up as an NPC or something like that depending on how things go.

That said! If you are one of my Warbs players, I love you guys, but y'all are disqualified from this game for spoiler reasons!

Pure Crunch Stuff
Level 11
Races See Player's Handbook
Classes See Player's Handbook
Backgrounds Published or Modified as per PHB, will entertain homebrew
Deities See Player's Handbook
Variants Feats allowed in lieu of ASI
Ability Scores 27 point buy or 15 14 13 12 10 8 array.
Hit Points Max at level 1, rolled after, reroll 1s.

Crunchish Roleplay Stuff
# of Players 4-5
Player Roles: These characters are members of the Praetorian Emerald Guard, and so their focus is on protecting the Imperial line, commanding armies, defeating high level threats to the empire, so for our purposes a standardish adventuring party will work, or five paladins will work, etc. Its up to you!

Special Note: While the Player's Handbook I've made includes almost all the races available in 5E, the Emerald Empire is a primarily human/elven/dwarven place, and so characters outside of those races would be more rare. So its unlikely that I'd take more than 1-2 characters from outside the Emerald Empire proper. That said, I'm not tying myself into that, but you'll do better in the application process if you write yourself into my world instead of the other way around.

Also! Worshipping Elishtar (see the Player's Handbook I've made) is the primary religion of the Empire, so if your character is adherent to something or someone else, that'd be significant and probably something they keep secret, serving as close to the Emperor as they do.

Applying to this Game
Minimum Required
  • An elevator pitch. Tell me about your character! Who are they? If they were in a movie, how would you describe them? Are they secretly in love with the Imperial Princess? Jealous of the Imperial Prince? Gloryhounds? Struggling with a faith crisis? An exile from another land? This can be as long or as short as you want it, but writing a novel won't get you more points, nor will a 3-5 sentence blurb hurt you. This is a very subjective thing here, so just know I'm not requiring novels nor punishing brevity. A cool idea is a cool idea.
  • A proposed 1-11 build. I will be enforcing the multiclassing rules from the PHB in terms of ability score requirements. I will not however, enforce racial requirements like Bladesinger and Battlerager RAW.
  • Tell me something I don't know about one of the regions described in the Player's Handbook.

Who Should Apply to This Game People who want to play in a homebrew world that I've strived to make as realistic and responsive as possible, in the midst of a huge, world-spanning event in a big, magnificent city with an important quest and foes around every corner! I'd prefer that you be a regular poster, comfortable with the idea of character death and understanding that this is meant to be a one-shot game. (as one shot as PbP can be, I guess).

What I'm looking for! I love it when characters are written into my world as opposed to forced into it.


Read, or at least glance over the Player's Handbook I've made

and then go post your character pitch in this thread!

If while you're coming up with your character, you have lore or mechanic questions specifically for the DM, put them here