The Starfinder Society wants YOU!

Welcome to Absalom Station recruit. The Starfinder Society has lovingly accepted you into the folds of its organization despite many of you potentially coming from less reputable backgrounds or previous employment. You all possess a particular set of skills be is muscle, brains or a knack for stumbling upon secrets many wish to hide. The society is made up of scholars, ex mercenaries, retired soldiers, scientists, mechanics and those who wield magics.

Character Creation: PHB only. No 3PP.
Theme: page 15, 28 PHB
Ability Scores: Point Buy as explained on page 18 of the PHB
Classes: All allowed. page 15 PHB
Equipment: 1,500 creds (yes this is correct)\
Spots: 5

This will be my first foray into Starfinder, having not played it at all, so we can all learn as we go. I believe I have covered everything within character creation, and have given extra cash upon startup to give everyone an edge. We will do milestone leveling according to the book. I will close applications at the end of the month if we get enough applications.