Ascendancy: an Intrigue game


"It is now the 2660th year of the world by the Auroran Count, the 1900th year since the gods arose, and by my count the 1573rd year since the first of the cataclysms. It has been 726 years since the return of civilization, 720 years since word of the Yellow thing began to spread..."

"It is by the blessings of the dead ones that I have lived to see this day and it is by the curses of the dead ones that I have suffered to see this day."

"Sinan is gone..."
"626 years have passed..."
"A new time of industry has begun..."
"The grip of the Ascendant has weakened on the Earth..."
"Men walk the lands again, reclaiming their former glories..."
"One day at a time..."
"An age of man..."
"A storm is coming..."
"A new destiny..."

- fragments of a lost diary

Hello. For the past couple of years I've been developing and running a narrative nation game, and after having tested and played it for over a hundred turns I've decided to take a crack at revising it, the rules and the setting, and move the world forward.

Forward 726 years infact, long after the end of the current game. From the ashes of the past comes a new game. Ascendancy, what I am terming an intrigue game after its past as a god and nation game. This game is a player driven roleplay and story brewed between the various players acting as factions and the figures within them in a world mostly dominated by a multi-national confederacy.

You can play anything you set your mind to within this framework I am attempting to establish. Want to play a political party inside a nation, or in general within the confederacy? Go right ahead. Noble House? Yep. Merchant company? Sure. Mercenaries? Sure. Cult? Which god?

The rules for this "intrigue game" as I've written for the running of things are not intended to bind players, they exist to consistently monitor how effective a faction is at any particular task. I encourage players to experiment and invent, and to make their society their own.

The setting is a world recovering and rebuilding after a long period of ruin and anarchy following a divine apocalypse. The year is 1900 AD (not our world, but of similar though somewhat higher levels of development on average), and the Argent Confederacy has seen the world safe over the long centuries since its formation. Its congress bickers and squabbles over the now petty and ancient grudges between its peoples.

If you're interested (and would be willing to stick around for a bit) read on and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

I'm looking for people interested in a long and consistent game. My plan is to run the recruitment for two months starting today, and begin on GiantITP on New Years Day with a turn running for approximately a week and a half. I'd like for sheets to be submitted to me by New Years but I'll be leaving recruitment open past this point for anyone running late due to the holidays.

Hello everyone. An update. We're working on introducing a new continent to our world. We're looking for anyone interested in playing explorers or trading companies looking to explore the new land.

If you're interested in writing lore for the new land to join as inhabitants of this new realm, we would also welcome you. Still working on a new map and the lore.

Message me or post here if you're interested.