Need new blood to revive game

Hello Dark Sun fans, we are looking for a couple new players to help revive our game. It has been going on for years and is a wonderfully complex and evolved game with multiple layers of story-lines woven together masterfully. The whole game is designed to hide what the player's characters cannot see from the players playing them. Therefore, there is much more going on behind the scenes than any one player can ever be fully aware of which inspires each individual character to interact more realistically with the other players to find out what is going on. I've designed the game this way because one of my biggest peeves in other games is when all players can read everything going on and without any player to player roleplay somehow magically know what is going on somewhere else or as if by magic or psychic ability (which the character does not possess) and they act and run around as if they know everything. Also, many times they read what other players think and feel and speak as if they know that also. Its ridiculous. I developed my game to crush all that. Players only get to read what their own character's experience through their character's 5 senses or any other special senses, magics, psionic abilities, or powers they may have only. I ask each player to only post what their characters say or do, or only things that the other players characters should be able to somehow perceive when posting on the group threads. Otherwise, use private tags for GM or use private solo threads to communicate with GM or interact privately with other players via the group threads using private tags also (if only one or a select few should know some thing that one or more of the others should not know).

I do not really want to go through a whole new prolonged recruiting process for new character generations and questions about rules for creating new characters and all that jazz right now, but if necessary I will deal with it. I prefer since we have some MIA players and such that I offer character concepts that have already been accepted into the game to new recruits. If anyone is willing to pick out one of our already in play characters (now being NPC'd by me the GM) and take over playing them that would be ideal right now. If anyone is interested in picking out one of these characters let me know and I will open up the threads so you can look through the ones available to choose from.