Anima Beyond Fantasy - Explore the Jungle

Year 991, March 15

There has been no reconciliation between the Sacred Empire of Abel and the Azur Alliance. Rumors circulate of minor skirmishes as the world tethers on the brink of war.

That is not your concern. Your concern is that The Great University of Lucrecio and the Universitas Populum in Hausser are undertaking a joint venture into the untamed jungles of Nanwe. They are currently accepting applications from eager students and scholars as well as any other prospecting people that believe they have skills that will be useful in successfully undertakeing such a venture whether they be huntsmen or simply muscle.

Anima Beyond Fantasy: Shadow Wars is an ongoing game that is just starting up again after a bit of a hiatus. We currently have two players and are looking for two or three more to bolster our ranks.

Up until now the game has been a series of loosely connected missions bringing the characters to various parts of the world. Knowledge of previous events are not required as the expedition represent something of a new beginning story-wise. Should past events or characters become relevant you will learn of those in game as we go along. You'll be going deep into the jungles of Nanwe and from there... we'll see.

If you wish to apply please create a new thread in the application sub forum titled with your characters name.

An application should include:
- Backstory
- Description
- You role in the expedition

Character creation rules can be found in this thread

If you have any questions about the game or the system please feel free to ask in the ooc thread.

Posting expectations:
I will be aiming towards roughly 3 posts a week.