The Lost Clockwork Citadel

As you sail across the ocean towards Ardune and the start of your next job your mind wanders back to where it all began...

A memory

You push open the door to see a middle-aged tiefling woman sitting behind an oak desk, her slightly talon-like fingers drumming against the wood. She glances up at you and the drumming stops.

"Ah. You look to have some potential. So many assistant pigkeepers and shopkeepers' sons and orphaned half-elves today. Please, sit." She gestures towards the sturdy-looking chair before her. As you step across the creaking floorboards and take your seat, she looks at you with calculating golden eyes.

"So. Let me guess. You want to live a life of adventure?" she asks, her eyes challenging you to answer truthfully.

I'm looking for five PCs to play in a campaign running from levels 3 to 20.

For the past decade, I've been playing a series of forum games in which the PCs play as deities and jointly construct a world. A few years ago, I put together the best elements of many of those games, tweaked them, fleshed out some connective tissue and created my own setting. I've been continually running a campaign set in the world ever since and I'm ready to start another!

Please ask any questions you may have below or in the relevant thread on the forum!