Heroes, Villains and Special Agents. Assemble!

While it reads as Star Wars FFG, we will be using Genesys System (Pretty much the same). At the moment I am looking for the following players a minimum of 4 Heroes and 4 Villains who will be residents of the fictional city of Ravenhill, located in the East Coast, somewhere in North Carolina in a hidden peninsula.

Heroes will start unpowered, so we will be treating their game as their origin story. And no worries, they will get their powers pretty much in the prologue though you wonít be liking how it goes down.

Villains will be already experienced superhumans who have been working together or near enough, looking to make a name for themselves in the city.

For the last part, I am looking for 1 special agent, a member of S.T.E.E.L.; information is classified so everybody that applies for this role canít apply for the others and needs to send me a PM since there are two important aspects that needed to be handed discreetly.

The game does not need all roles to be fulfilled to run, but it will probably add more intrigue and more fun between all the players.

One last note. PC's can die, NPC's will die, there will be moments of no-holds-barred-beatdown and a lot of things that may seem unsavory. If you are not comfortable with that, it is best not to apply.

Guidelines (Heroes)
Guidelines (Villains)
Guidelines (STEEL)