Exalted Vs. World of Darkness

Exalted is a game where you, a lone mortal in a world of gods, monsters, and chaos, are given the power to shape reality, civilization, and culture in your image. The world fears what you have become, and will try with all of its might to strike you down, but you have the chance to survive, stand tall, and become a world power in your own right.

The World of Darkness games leave you, a lone person with hopes and dreams, with power in a world that wants you destroyed, for one reason or another. Someone else wants what you have, but you've been given the power to eek out an existence and find hope in a cold, uncaring system that would crush you like a bug if it ever noticed you.

Exalted Vs. World of Darkness throws these two concepts together, to the detriment of anyone standing between the glowing demigods you've become and whatever you want. You have enough power to beat up the gods, but not enough power that you'll be fine when they bring their buddies to your house.

So come one, come all, and lets find out what kind of story we can make together, yeah?