The crew be needin' a mate or two!

Hello there everyone!

My game is in need of an additional player or two, as two others have backed out due to personal reasons.

As far as the general gist of the game goes, it be a pirate's life fer ye who partake! Yes! It's a pirate game! And before anything gets out of hand, maybe think a bit more like One Piece or Pirates of the Caribbean. Nothing overly dark, but plenty of plundering.

The world is of my own design, but there is much to explore than what is on the first map given to the players. It is a world covered by many oceans, leaving the art of sailing to be one of the few real ways of traversing the world.

Now, as far as the current characters go, there is a Human Corsair, a Human Gunslinger, and a Goblin Bolt Ace.

As far as the stuff for making your characters, you may either do a 20 point buy or do 4d6 and drop the lowest. Races and classes should be kept to Paizo published items with no Homebrew or 3rd party. Players are currently level 3. Equipment should be discussed separately because of the current situation. Players are allowed to take traits/drawback. The Feat Tax house rule is also in effect. Firearms are more commonplace. Hit points are maxed. Additionally, it would be a good idea to view the Maps Be Here thread to look at the world, as there are different languages spoken around, and it will have some effect in regards to interactions with NPCs. For example, Sparis and Britannia are pretty much based off of Spain and other Latin based countries and Great Brittain. As an additional note, that map is may be subject to change in a few areas, and I still need to post the relevant information for places.

There's not really any huge rush for anyone to hop in, but the closest available point to insert it into the story is pretty close. If not, then it might be a bit.

To submit an application, please do so in the application subforum listed under Scaliwag, as the other is outdated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this all, and please ask any questions if I missed anything or if there's something you're curious about.