Recruiting hereos for the end of the world.

Hi guys, I'm Sir. This is an ad for my level 20 gestalt 3.5 game. I know about all the woes so don't worry. So anyways this takes place in my homebrew setting. It will have a heavy focus on role play over roll play. I am looking for 4 Players. The deadline will be August 30th.

I know the appeal of gestalt but I am not looking for min max characters. I am looking for middling power level characters. You can find the creation rules in the character creation subforum.

A bit about the game. The PC's are already great hereos, and after five years apart they have reunited on the anniversary of their greatest victory and the loss of your dearest friend. They have returned to the village where they all met to find it destroyed. It seems like something simple, a destroyed village but who would dare. Someone is targeting the PC's. Trying to provoke them. As this new threat emerges it will reveal an ancient secret that could destroy the entire material plane.