Planescape: Return of the Guild

Background of the Planeswalkers GuildThe Planeswalkers Guild has fallen from glory. Once a proud testament to the daring, nobility, skill at arms, and great wealth of the multiverse, the Planeswalkers Guild was once the most powerful in Sigil. Membership in the Guild was a coveted honor that brought the envy of friend and foe alike. Equally attentive to altruism and economic prosperity, the Planeswalkers Guild gave back to its community in countless small ways, and a few very big, public ways: it was Guild wizards who researched and cast the great dweomers that every Cager relies on to the present day: the universal Comprehend Language spell that so facilitates commerce in that great city.

Sadly, it could not last. Almost eight hundred years ago the Lady of Pain decreed the end of Sigil's guilds. While one can only speculate as to Her Serenity's goals in making this pronouncement, it seems likely in this case that the rise of the factions brought discord to the guild system. One of them had to go: and factions, in the end, won the day. Most folks were content to let the old guildhouses go, embraced competition, and clung ever more firmly to their faction beliefs.

Many of the adventurers of the Planeswalkers Guild, however, were unwilling to do this. Loyal to a fault, these true believers in the purity of their cause and the power of gold over beliefs left Sigil en masse. They founded a new home on the Infinite Staircase.

The Infinite Staircase is a far cry from the majesty of the City of Doors, and for eight hundred years, the community has remained more of a nomadic tent city than an established home. The Infinite Staircase, unguarded by the Lady of Pain, is a dangerous place. Unspeakable horrors roam it. It's used as a highway for the Blood War. Powerful psionics, divination, and old fashioned dungeon intuition have kept the Planeswalkers Guild safe for a long time because they are able to quickly pack up when such things approach, to rebuild their community once more from the ruins afterwards.

Over the years, the Planeswalkers Guild has lost its allure. Adventurers new to the planes tend to base in Sigil. Rumors of mind flayer infiltration don't help much: the guild isn't particularly popular with githyanki or githzerai. Yet prophecy speaks of great heroes (or great villains) arising to restore the Planeswalkers Guild to its former glory.

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Planescape! The Great Wheel cosmology! Sigil, City of Doors! All the wonders of all possible realities are at your fingertips. You need look no farther to indulge your taste for exotic classes, outrageous races, baroque rules, obscure spells, and of course... banned equipment. Unknown worlds await!

This campaign is a mixed live and play-by-post game in which players can participate in either (or both) elements. The live group is centered in Beijing, and the play-by-post group is centered on Myth Weavers. This is the first time I've attempted a combination (which will of course not be the same party).

  • The live group is based in Sigil.
  • The play-by-post group is based in the Infinite Staircase.

So much of the campaign is open to you. While I have several megaplots in motion, feel free to ignore all of them. After all, the fate of the multiverse couldn't possibly come down to you...