Demon May Cry

Era: Modern/Comtemporary
Style: Smokin' Sexy Style, Hack N Slash

An unusual phenomenon appears in the middle of New York City, a gate to the abyss has been opened, demons are pouring from everywhere. You are the best and most powerful demon hunters that the world has ever seen...time for you to kick demon ass! And find out which demon lord is responsible for this mess!

Most of the enemies are going to be Demons (Evil Outsiders), yeah you are expected to come prepared for this.

This is going to be a relatively short campaign, mostly action-adventures and with the so many varied demon lords, you might be able to form alliance, betrayal, etc...

Faiths of interest to demon hunters:

Ennead: Egyptian Gods.
The Olympians: The Greco-Roman Gods of legend.
The Aesir: Northern Europe gods, Odin, Thor etc...
The Nahuatl: Aztec pantheon
Kotoamatsukami: the Japanese gods
The Loa: West African Gods

Choose domains that you believe are appropriate for your deity of choice.

Character creation:
Character applications go in this forum.
Sources: 1 PP Material + Drop Dead Studios Spheres content
Level: 25
Hit Points: Max at first level, average for the rest
Gold: 2,100,000 gp (As per WBL guideline 700,000 gp limit on one magic item)
Races: Up to 30 RP, which should cover most of the races available in PF
Alignment: Neutral or Good, you are demon slayers after all.
Stats: 25 point buy.
Special Rules: 2 traits, a drawback for a third one

-Elephants in the Room 2nd edition (June 2018):
-Variant Multiclassing: (VMC doesn't go beyond 20)
-Fractional Base Bonuses:
-Background skill:
-Guns Everywhere: (this rule modifies the Tech Sphere, see inventor book for more details)
-No xp, achievement-based progression (max of level 30, most likely will end before 30)
-Technological Items are commonplace. High-tech equipment are half price.
-Crafting robots cost is halved.

Epic core classes are described in the game ad thread.