One Adventure at a Time


This is an advertisement for a campaign based on the WotC series of modules from H1 to E3. I have dubbed the campaign “One Adventure at a Time.” Even though they will be the separate modules, I will try and string them together for an entire 1-30 campaign. Well, at least that’s the goal!

The caveat is as follows: I have a decent amount of DM experience under 3e and 3.5e rules. I play with one 4e gaming group in RL as a player. I have very limited PbP experience and none here on Mythweaver. With this in mind, I would like to propose that those who apply for this game have a lack of experience in either PbP games or with 4e and are craving to try it out.

The Players
I am looking for a group of five players and I will pick a few others to be backup players in case we lose anyone. I will choose one of each role (leader, controller, defender, and striker) from the applicants as well as one wild card. I would like applicants to have the ability to post at least once a day and perhaps more when there is a battle going on. If you haven't posted in two days or I really need to move the action along, I will take over your character's actions until you send me a PM that you have returned. If you are missing for more than two weeks without notifying me, then I will replace you with a backup player.

Abilities are the typical 22 point buy system. This is a heroic campaign, so no evil characters if you please. That, however, doesn’t mean that I run my campaigns in a rigid, black and white atmosphere. There are many shades of grey available to play as a PC, I just don’t want down-right maliciousness as a leading motivator. Starting gold is 100gp. I’ll allow one character background, just so long as it fits with your character.

Allowed material: Pretty much anything goes. I have the core books and several of the supplements. If I don’t have the source material, I can always borrow it from my gaming group. They have all the books if I remember correctly. Dragon magazine is OK to pull from, too. I would like to restrict 3rd party (non-WotC) material, however, unless you have a really good justification for it.

Please post your application in the following format:


Once I have the applicants chosen, I will allow you to parlay a bit and come up with a bit of party history for the purposes of role-playing. Actually, in regards to role-playing, I encourage it greatly and hope that the interactions between the players themselves as well as the NPCs shall be dynamic and entertaining.

The Game
Starts with WotC H1 module, The Keep on the Shadowfell:

Your group seeks news of their old friend and mentor, Douven Staul. The man who trained them for a life of adventure bade his friends farewell three months ago and headed for Winterhaven. Douven, a rabid explorer of old ruins, had found a map that revealed the location of a dragon’s tomb not far from the village. He figured if a dragon was buried there, why not also its hoard? The explorer should have returned some time ago, and his continuing absence bodes ill. Your party stops at his house to see if his wife, Lohraina, has heard any word of him. She confirms your worst fears as she tells you he promised to be home before their daughter’s birthday two weeks ago. You fear the worst and are determined to find out what happened to your mentor.

It is my goal to take a party all the way through to E3, Prince of Undeath. If we need a few buffer adventures along the way to raise XP or to pursue a divergent storyline, then I’m sure I can come up with something, too.

About Me
Like I said earlier, I don’t have a ton of 4e or PbP experience, but I am not a stranger to RPGs, especially D&D, which I have been playing for 25 years. I am a chef and a father of two great kids. Gaming of all types is my main hobby.

I will mainly be posting in the mornings and at night after 10pm PST (GMT-8).

I also will be having a little help from some more experienced posters here on Mythweavers who have already graciously offered their help in running this game.

I’m looking forward to reading over the applications. Good luck!