Looking for an evil-minded leader

Howdy folks!

A few months back, I posted an ad for an evil campaign for 5e (you can find the original ad here.). We got a pretty solid party together, but since then, we've lost two party members, one of which was the "leader" for the party that would help prevent it from falling into wanton slaughter and chaos, which is something I wanted (and still do want) to avoid.

To that end, I'm briefly re-opening applications for a new party leader, and a flex spot open in case any new applicants catch my eye.

Our current party is a foul-mouthed disgraced former surgeon monk, a sleek, cunning, conniving rogue 1/cleric 2, and a fame-obsessed bard. Obviously of help would be more arcane power, or more martial power. For an idea of our previous composition, we had a paladin and a ranger.

Character creation rules can be found in the original listing, but to summarize: level 3, all first party WotC including UE, free feat at first (as long as it doesn't bring a stat to 17 or higher), no good alignments.

The setting is also a custom one, which you can find information about in the game thread, but again to summarize: one enormous continent with several countries in it, each themed after a real-life region's folk lore and mythology.

This one's only going to be open briefly, closing off apps at July 1st, and making selections the day after.