Become Mitchel's imouto, travel the world, fight evil penguins!

What makes The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky one of the best JRPGs of all times is just how great a character its protagonist Estelle Bright is. Thus, as part of my while kick of celebrating my return by running LoH-themed campaigns, I'm going to start a campaign based on Trails in the Sky in which... Estelle doesn't exist?

Look, the fact is that the plot of Trails in the Sky is EXTREMELY personal, and thus, in recruiting people for such a game, I'm inevitably going to give them some predetermined, fixed aspects of their backstory and life goals to work with. In this context, if I were to tell people to outright BE Estelle, that would be a massive turn-off for many, as most PF players like to put at least some degree of their own creativity in the characters they create/play.
So yeah, as much as it pains me, this game will have no Estelle and no Joshua: in their place will be the two characters made by our two players: the natural daughter of Cassius Bright, and her adopted brother. Much like in the game, they will embark on a journey, a standard fantasy adventure, with the goal of becoming Bracers, and much like in the game they will become involved in a much larger plot which will include, but will not be limited to, unveiling ancient conspiracies, stopping a military coup, and fighting evil penguins.

Of course I'm not kidding.
Now, the player who will play not-Joshua has already been found as a part of a game exchange, so yeah, the role of Cassius' adopted son will be played by @Mitchel. Thus, all that is left to find now is a player willing to play the other role, that of Cassius' natural daughter and Mitchel's adopted younger sister. In other words, for this game I'm only looking for one player, and thus you can expect the application period to be quite short: again, you're expected to stick to this basic premise for your character (female, daughter of Cassius Bright, wants to be a bracer), but this doesn't mean that you must BE Estelle, you can go for whatever appearance/personality/class/fighting style you want. Our forums has all the details on this matter, so if I've managed to capture your interest then by all means do come check us out!


I'm offended by the fact that you're specifying the gender of the character, can I start a huge drama over it?


I'm not familiar with the videogame at all, can I still join?

Absolutely! In many ways, not knowing about the game will make this a more compelling experience, as everything you'll be involved in will feel 100% new. The Setting Information section of our forum will provide you with all the basic knowledge to get you up to speed, and more info on the family situation of the character you're asked to create can be found in the Circumstances that will bring the party together topic. This is all you need to know in order to get started: from there, the plot will flow very similarly to the game... meaning that witnessing all these events for the first time a you play will probably be more fun than going into them knowing in advance what's going to happen.

I AM familiar with the videogame, can I still join?

Definitely! Many details about the setting have been modified to give it a more "Pathfinder-friendly" feeling, for the sake of consistency with my Cold Steel game... And there is also the fact that, due to the very nature of this game, that big reveal at the end of Sky FC cannot possibly be about our version of Joshua, so yeah, a certain character from Sky SC (you can probably guess who I'm talking about) will be introduced earlier just for the sake of being in that spot instead. This alone should make for a story different enough from what you remember, to make for a compelling experience for you even if you've played both Trails in the Sky games.

I'm new to Pathfinder, can I still join?

I take pride in having the patience, the passion and the skills required to help newbies of the system become good players, so if you're looking for a relaxed game where the DM will actively help you improve, you're in the right place.

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