Need to recruit one extra student

Do you want action? Do you want school drama? Do you want the ultimate mix of dungeoneering, slice of life, and comedy? Do you want a plot that won't shy away from asking the deepest, most thought-provoking questions, such as

Then ASHITA HE NO KODOU is the game for you! A game built for two players, we got so many good applications that I ultimately decided to run it for two distinct groups, consisting of two people each. But why Group 2 has been making steady progresses and is now nearing the conclusion of the Prologue, Group 1 has been greatly delayed by the sudden disappearance of one of its member, meaning that we now have one guy who lost his partner for this adventure.
Thus, I'm starting this new ad: my hope is that, in the span of a week at most, a suitable replacement can be found. As mentioned, you'll be inserted in Group 1, which is still stuck at the beginning of the Prologue, so yeah, it's early enough that we can afford to just put you in the place of the disappeared player and pretend you were always there, so no catching up or "subplot to win the party's trust" will be required. All you need to do is to create a character, jump in, and play.

Speaking of: here are the creation rules, here is the profile of your companion, and here is the profile of the character you're replacing, in case you're curious. Since the balance of the class (as in, your class at school), in terms of both male/female representation and noble/commoner dichotomy is kind of a big deal in the campaign's plot as a whole, I will be much more likely to accept a female commoner as a character for this group, but that is not a strict requisite, if you REALLY want to play something else.

Parhaius' ability to actually play this game is resting on how quickly we can find a substitute, so I do hope that people willing to give this a shot will show up ASAP. Come one come all!